Love Proposal by Developer

There won’t be Fatal, Warning, Notice or Deprecation errors in our relationship.

Whenever you call me, I’ll give 200 responses.

I’ll make sure there won’t be any delay.

I’ll never give you 404, 401, 403 responses.

I’ll always available for you. There won’t be 500, 502, 503, 504 responses.

I’ll make sure our relationship is most secured.

I’ll response in whatever format you ask. JSON, XML, HTML, TEXT, just name it.

There won’t be any redirection whenever you request me.

I promise, I won’t let you down. No feedback and bugs.

I’ll do any task you give me, I’m full stack developer.

You’ll have full access so sudo not required.

You’ll decide design, colors, styles, and all. I’ll accept it without any questions.

I promise, you’ll give name to variables because I’m not good at it.

You’ll decide where you want to migrate and host us.

Will developer get 202 response?

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By Chandra Patel

I fell in love with WordPress in 2014 while freelancing as a web developer. I have grown since then to become a Core contributor, Translation contributor for Gujarati, and has contributed to WordPress Meta projects. Over the years, I have developed a love for learning, and hope to learn WordPress ever more “deeply”.

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